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Aloha, It’s Me, Moet!

Hey y’all. It’s your girl, Moet Cristal.

I’m a plus model, visual artist, photographer from NYC…. and now blogger :)

Creating a blog has been on my mind for some time. Honestly, I’ve started and stopped writing blog post introductions for myself countless times over the years, but I’m just READY TO DO THE DAMN THING. So here we are.

I’m happy to be here, and I’m happy you’re here with me.

One of the reasons why I just haven’t gone through and “Post” is because, like, what am I even going to talk about? I always thought that blogging should be about clothes, and although I definitely own nice pieces, my closet predominately consists of black and grey graphic tees! HA

I’ve figured out over time that I can use this space as a place for open creative expression, and can venture out of a particular niche. I mean it’s gonna be MY blog, so I’ma do what I want!

I definitely have some passions that will make up the most of my content though: personal style, curvy fashion, modeling, beauty, and makeup.

Also some more personal topics that need a larger space than an Instagram caption including representation for us plus size/fat folks, mental health and what it’s like to be someone who deals with depression, anxiety, ptsd, and different phobias. What I’m learning personally and professionally, as well as what I’m loving right now and using day to day will definitely make its way on to this space as well.

I’m going to experiment, and share, and probably overshare at times, but that’s what you’re here surfing the web for right?

Right. And if you’re not following me on other platforms, let’s be web buddies, and chat about great plus size buys… and whatever else comes to our minds!





Much LOVE Always,


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